providing tools and space to create original prints


Open Studio

Leyla Rzayeva at Clubhouse and Lyla Shlon at Two Birds One Stone Editions would like to invite you to visit their studio for light refreshments and artwork sale.

Join us in Woodberry on Sunday, June 4th 2-5pm at Studio 1-18, 3500 Parkdale Avenue. Please use Parkdale Enterprises parking lot and street parking.

Find the workshop on social media @_leylarzayeva and @clubhouselithographyworkshop

CLUBHOUSE at Publications and Multiples Fair VIII

April 1 & 2, 2017

Baltimore Design School

2017 artists published by Clubhouse Lithography Workshop are Leyla Rzayeva, Hillery Sproatt and Pangelica. We will be presenting a line of hair buns by musician and multimedia artist Pangelica, original prints and drawings by Baltimore based artist Leyla Rzayeva, and Chicago based artist Hillary Sproatt at

Hillery Sproatt

Hillery Sproatt lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. She has a background in fine art and a deep appreciation for surface design and fine craft. Her dense landscapes littered with people and pattern tell stories of a bigger existence disguised as small.

IN THE FAMILY OF THINGS is a three-color limited edition original lithograph. Size 11" x 14"

Sean Keelan

Sean is excited about getting people to make things, and that's the whole idea behind creating assembly paper pieces and prints. Sean is a practicing Community Artist and founding member of Oak Hill Center for Education and Culture in Baltimore.

ASSEMBLY LITHOGRAPH is an interactive limited edition print. It is a collaboration between the viewer and the artist. Shipped flat and unassembled, the owner is asked to put together the artwork and contribute to the framed piece. Size 14" x 20"

Hoesy Corona

Hoesy Corona is a multidisciplinary artist and cultural organizer, who is part of the collaborative duo LabBodies. This summer, Clubhouse collaborated with Hoesy to create a limited edition lithograph titled I AM NOT YOUR SCAPEGOAT.

Ada Pinkston

Ada Pinkston is a multidisciplinary artist and cultural organizer, who is part of the collaborative duo LabBodies. Clubhouse Lithography Workshop was fortunate to collaborate with Ada to create a series of monotypes and a limited edition two color lithograph.