Take Away Home

Artists Hanne Lange’s and Leyla Rzayeva’s installation based on their collaborative work completed in Dresden, Germany titled Take Away Home. In the installation about home, memory and metaphor, Leyla Rzayeva and Hanne Lange are stepping into a new affinity that takes time and space. Asking questions about how to understand and define hospitality, immigration and availability of materials and resources, especially during the times of global change. A photograph of the original work is displayed together with a series of postcards and posters. The images in the postcards were chosen by the artists from their collaboration and  individual art practice. Each viewer can take part in the installation - take the postcards and then form new combinations in their own home or send them by post.

Artists: Leyla Rzayeva & Hanne Lange
Medium:  Installation, archival pigment prints
Dimensions: 141x47 inches